hi hello friends pls give me your opinions on how this looks 

plus any suggestions???


Hey are you Indian? Because I asked you before if you want to be my “Chammak challo” and you didn’t answer. Either you don’t know what it means or you hate me. =/ plz answer =)

Hahah, nah I’m Nepali but I can’t be your chammak challo if you’re a stranger!

so at work tonight I was just doing my own thing when this really attractive customer comes up to me and goes “excuse me miss, where are the condoms?”

!!!!!¡¡!! im pretty sure my whole face went red bc omfg he was so attractive like tall and had a beard and really nice teeth. I was all “umm….I think by the pharmacy…” he laughed and smiled at me which made me even more embarrassed

Do you have an Instagram?

yes, it’s samikshayaya

I’ve had my license for nearly a year but my parents finally let me drive alone today!!! and and and I have orientation for my job on Monday :’-)

Hi, in your Nepali food photo set, what's considered an entree and what's considered a side?

(I had to google what an entree was), buuut ok in a Nepali meal, all the curries/vegetables etc (all of the food from the photo set, besides the last thing which is called a Sel Roti) are served with the rice, so I suppose they would all be side dishes and the rice would be the main meal? But rice is never served alone because for some reason, you’re not supposed to eat plain rice—you have to always eat it with some sort of vegetable/curry. Hope that helped! 

hello friends of the internet!!!

it’s currently 2:34am, i’m wide awake and i have a job interview tomorrow morning
wish me luck